Creative Ways of Saving To Travel

Posted on 10 February 2019 (0)

Creative Ways of Saving To Travel

We all dream of traveling the world someday but, financial constraints make it almost impossible for most people to travel. Melissa of Southwest Appliance Repair blogged about this topic once saying that while there are many ways to travel the world for free, the opportunities are not open to all. Even if you are lucky to get such opportunities, you will still need to have some money of your own. As a result, most people often resort to saving in order to travel. The following are creative ways of saving to travel that you can pursue.

Sign Up For Rewards Credit Cards

Airline tickets are among the biggest expenses when traveling. Today, credit card companies offer mile rewards to customers who expend and pay off monthly fees on their credit cards. If you are disciplined enough not to go over your monthly limits, you will be able to easily accumulate enough points for free flights.

Set Up a Dedicated Savings Account

Opening a savings account solely for the purpose of traveling is also a creative way of saving for trips. Opening up the account is often free but, you should check if there are minimum balance penalties. After opening the account, set up automatic transfers so the bank can divert the specific amount you need to save at the start of every month.

Keep a Change Jar

This might sound like a joke to some but, keeping a change jar can help you save quite a lot of money for many trips to come. A change jar is like a piggy bank where you throw in the spare coins from the store. Even in just one year, you will be surprised at how much you are able to save.

Saving money for travel is a challenge that many people are often faced with. However, the tips above with a little sacrifice and determination can easily help you set aside enough money to travel the world.

Is Traveling Alone Fun?

Posted on 22 June 2021 (0)
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Many people want to travel, but they don’t have ideal companions to go on a trip. However, you don’t have to depend on other people to have fun when traveling. You can travel alone and have some quality time. If the idea of going alone has always felt scary or not fun to you, here’s how traveling alone can be fun.

Go Anywhere, Anytime

When you travel alone, you decide on your travel destination. That means it’s not a must you consult anybody about your travel destination. Instead, you choose where to go and when to go. Perhaps, this differentiates solo travel from traveling with other people. When traveling with a companion or a loved one, you must accommodate their needs and interests.

Stay at Your Travel Destination As long As You Want

Solo travel allows you to decide the time you will stay at your travel destination. That means you don’t have to ask anybody about the time you will spend at your travel destination. You can opt to go back home early or extend your stay if you like the place. Thus, you can savor your moments at your travel destination without anybody rushing you.

Meet and Mingle with More People

When traveling with a companion or in a group, other people can hesitate to approach you. But when you travel alone, other people find you more approachable. Thus, you meet and interact with more people when you travel solo. That’s because you don’t have hindrances, and other travelers will find you approachable.

Push Personal Boundaries

Solo travel requires you to do everything without assistance. For instance, you learn how to approach and talk to strangers when traveling alone. That’s because you don’t have somebody to help you. If you’re talkative, you may learn to be silent when you don’t have somebody around with whom to have a conversation.

Solo travel is fun because it allows you to discover more about your personality. It also prompts you to do things you never knew you could do alone. And this makes the solo travel experience more fun.

Travel Expenses That You Should Not Forget When Planning Your Trip

Posted on 14 January 2021 (0)

You’re very careful to budget for everything when traveling. However, you can forget some travel expenses and end up with a bad experience. To avoid this, make sure that you do not forget to include these travel expenses in your budget. 

Departure Taxes 

Most people remember to include departure fees in their travel budgets. However, some countries like Costa Rica and Argentina charge departure fees at the airport. In most countries, this fee ranges between $20 and $50. Therefore, check out the departure fee that you’re likely to be charged in advance and budget for it. 

Currency Exchange and Card Fees 

You will most likely be charged transaction fees whenever you travel abroad. Therefore, check with your credit card provider to determine the amount that you’re likely to be charged. You should also inform your provider that you will be traveling abroad so that they do not suspect your transactions and consider them as a fraud. 

Meals during the Trip 

You will eat when traveling and you have probably budgeted for your meals. However, you may not have considered the food that you will eat while departing and arriving at your destination. The costs of these means can add up very fast especially if you experience delays or encounter layovers. What’s more, airport food can be very expensive. 

Emergency Expenses 

Most people think that flying to and from a travel destination is the most stressful part of a trip. However, this is not true. An emergency makes a flight seem like a breeze. When traveling, some people do more strenuous things than they would back at home. Emergencies can require you to dig deeper into your pocket to cater to the associated fees. Therefore, set some funds aside to cater for possible emergencies. 

Other travel expenses that you should not forget when planning your trip include lodging fees and costs of spontaneous adventures. Include them in your travel budget to avoid ruining your experience if you run out of cash during the trip. 

How to Reduce the Travel Stress Caused by Unrealistic Expectations

Posted on 04 September 2020 (0)

Many people experience travel stress because they expect to travel to solve their problems. Unfortunately, not every problem that a person faces in life can be solved by traveling. Here’s what you should do to ensure that you don’t encounter the travel stress that comes with the expectations that this activity will solve your problems. 

Adjust Your Travel Expectations 

Travel is transformative for most people. However, it won’t turn you into a completely different person. It will also not fix all your problems. Travel can be a great way to escape the daily routine and stress. It can be a great way to clear your mind. However, you should work on your problems if you want things to change. 

Enjoy What Travel Can Provide 

Traveling might not fix all problems in your life. For instance, it may not fix your empty bank account or troubled marriage. However, it can have positive benefits. For instance, it can give you a chance to escape your immediate problems for a while and rejuvenate to solve them later. Therefore, enjoy the travel experience by relaxing and having fun in readiness for solving other problems. 

Work on Your Problems

Perhaps, you’re always planning and going on trips as a way to escape life problems. In that case, spend some of your time identifying and fixing those problems. Travel is more enjoyable when you don’t have problems back at home or the back of your mind. Therefore, spend some of your resources and time fixing your problems before you travel. 

Consider Getting Professional Assistance 

If you have serious relationship or psychological issues, consider seeking professional assistance. You can talk to a psychologist or counselor to fix those problems. If you’re struggling with legal or financial issues, seek advice from relevant sources. 

The change you want will not happen unless you’re receptive and ready for it. Therefore, start by identifying your problem and fixing them in the best way possible. That way, you will find travel more enjoyable and satisfying.

Things to Do if You Don’t Enjoy Travel

Posted on 25 January 2020 (0)

You have probably spent a lot of money and time planning a trip. Perhaps, you have booked a flight and traveled to your destination. Unfortunately, you might not be enjoying the experience as you had expected. Should this prompt you to travel back? Here are some of the things to do if you don’t enjoy travel. 

Stay in Hostels 

You may have budgeted for hotel accommodation when planning your trip. However, staying in hostels can make your travel experience better. Staying in hostels enables you to make more friends. That way, you will pull out of the slum and start enjoying travel. You can make friends when having a meal or talking about life in general. That way, you will be distracted and get in a better mood. 

Go on a Group Tour

A major reason why you might not enjoy travel is spending time alone or with the same people. When you go on a group tour, you meet other people. You also engage in different activities. For instance, you can go on a river cruise, a cooking class tour, or a street art tour. That way, you will learn more about the local people and even make friends. 

Go Somewhere Else 

If you don’t find what you expected at your travel destination, go somewhere else. It can still be near or within your travel destination but the experience can be different. For instance, you can opt to stay in a different hostel. You can also move to a nearby town if you were staying in a city. 

Remember Your Plans

Why did you decide to travel? What are your travel goals? Focus on accomplishing the goals you had in mind when planning the trip. This is particularly important if the trip gets boring. 

If you try everything and nothing seems to work for you, consider going home. This won’t make you a failure. It will only mean that wasn’t the right destination or time to travel. 

How Do Travel Companies Make Money

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To most people who are thinking of joining the travel industry as travel agents, the main often asked question is how travel companies make their money. Generally, travel companies earn money through various ways mainly based on the particular travel services that they provide. Nevertheless, the following are some of the key ways through which travel companies make money.


Whenever a traveler hires a travel agency, the agent will do the booking for hotels, flights, car rentals, park entry among other requirements. The agent will first search for the best deals that suit your needs and preferences then, book through various vendors. Every travel agent is identified with a unique accreditation number that they will provide to the vendor when making the bookings. 

Vendors include airline companies and hotels. Using the given accreditation number, the vendor will verify the travel agent’s information including commission rates and addresses where the check should be delivered. Upon the completion of the booking, the vendor will issue a commission to the travel agent. Sometimes, the commissions are paid after the booked trip. Travel agencies are awarded commissions based on the sales that they deliver. 

Service Charge 

As competition continues to grow in the travel business, travel agencies have realized that commissions have been diminishing. Besides, many airlines stopped paying commissions. In an attempt to diversify incomes, most travel companies now charge fees for their services to vendors. That means whenever they book a flight or hotel for a client, the airline company and hotel owners must pay a standard fee. 

Due to the introduction of the service charge, travel agents can now still get paid even if they miss out on the commissions. The service fees usually vary from one travel agency to another.  

Whether you are thinking of becoming a travel agent or joining any other profession in the travel industry, the financial benefits should not be your main concern. The travel industry has so much to offer that will truly turn your life around.