How Do Travel Companies Make Money

To most people who are thinking of joining the travel industry as travel agents, the main often asked question is how travel companies make their money. Generally, travel companies earn money through various ways mainly based on the particular travel services that they provide. Nevertheless, the following are some of the key ways through which travel companies make money.


Whenever a traveler hires a travel agency, the agent will do the booking for hotels, flights, car rentals, park entry among other requirements. The agent will first search for the best deals that suit your needs and preferences then, book through various vendors. Every travel agent is identified with a unique accreditation number that they will provide to the vendor when making the bookings. 

Vendors include airline companies and hotels. Using the given accreditation number, the vendor will verify the travel agent’s information including commission rates and addresses where the check should be delivered. Upon the completion of the booking, the vendor will issue a commission to the travel agent. Sometimes, the commissions are paid after the booked trip. Travel agencies are awarded commissions based on the sales that they deliver. 

Service Charge 

As competition continues to grow in the travel business, travel agencies have realized that commissions have been diminishing. Besides, many airlines stopped paying commissions. In an attempt to diversify incomes, most travel companies now charge fees for their services to vendors. That means whenever they book a flight or hotel for a client, the airline company and hotel owners must pay a standard fee. 

Due to the introduction of the service charge, travel agents can now still get paid even if they miss out on the commissions. The service fees usually vary from one travel agency to another.  

Whether you are thinking of becoming a travel agent or joining any other profession in the travel industry, the financial benefits should not be your main concern. The travel industry has so much to offer that will truly turn your life around. 

Easy Ways to Save for Summer Travel

Saving for summer travel early will enable you to avoid stressful thoughts of money when you should be having a great time on the beach. Putting a travel budget together is tricky for some people. Nevertheless, it becomes easy when you have these tips to guide you.

Create a Savings Account

Some banks can let you set up savings account for summer travel savings. Such an account will help you organize the funds you can use to travel. That way, you can track this money and focus on saving more.

Make Weekly Contributions

You may prefer organizing your expenses and income with a monthly budget. However, weekly contributions for a summer travel fund will make the amount accumulate faster. Weekly contributions will also make saving money for summer travel a priority.

Reduce Leisure Expenses

Cut back on leisurely expenses to free up money for your vacation. Consider how you spend money including how often you eat out and entertainment. Embrace a mindset that enables you to limit leisurely expenses and maximize your summer travel savings.

Make Your Own Food

Eating out regularly will dent your budget. To avoid this, make your meals more often. Avoiding eating out even for a few months will save you a significant amount. This can go into your summer travel savings.

Use Budget and Savings Apps

There are apps that you can use to track your daily expenses or savings goal. These apps are meant to help users manage cash flow and budget. They enable users to enter their savings contributions and expenditures in real time. This makes setting and achieving summer travel goals easier by increasing awareness of spending and saving habits.

If you have decided to travel this summer, follow these tips to save money for your trip. That way, you will avoid selling your valuables or getting a loan just to travel.

How Far In Advance Should You Book a Flight?

How Far In Advance Should You Book a Flight?

The main reason why most people opt to book flights early is because it presents a better opportunity for cheaper prices. But, early bookings for flights also allow you much time to prepare well for the trip. Nevertheless, there are different theories on how early one should book flights. Below are pointers to guide you in making informed decisions on how far in advance you should book a flight.

Fares Are Usually Low At least 25 Days to Departure

Many airlines begin ticket sales 11 months before departure. However, the fares often start going down after the fifth month when airlines start adjusting prices based on demand. This means, about 25 days before the date of departure, the fares will still likely be on the low.

Take Advantage of Flash Sales

A flash sale is whereby airlines spontaneously issue bargains in an attempt to fill the seats. With this kind of offer, you could get discounts of up to 75% off airfares. However, flash sales are usually issued a few weeks or days to departure.

Flights Remain Booked Throughout the Holidays

During holidays like Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving, there is always very high demand for flights and even the fares stay high throughout. In fact, most people who wish to travel during these holidays usually start booking even six months in advance.

Keep Tabs on Information about Your Specific Route

Ticket prices can significantly change over the few weeks or months to departure based on the route. As a result, staying updated on the statistics for your route could help you get information about the best days to buy tickets and even the times of the week or month to travel.

While the above pointers do not give an exact timing for booking flights in advance, they can help you make an informed decision on when it is convenient to book. Overall, the decision on the right time to book flights will mainly depend on the season, destination and your expectations.

Creative Ways of Saving To Travel

Creative Ways of Saving To Travel

We all dream of traveling the world someday but, financial constraints make it almost impossible for most people to travel. Melissa of Southwest Appliance Repair blogged about this topic once saying that while there are many ways to travel the world for free, the opportunities are not open to all. Even if you are lucky to get such opportunities, you will still need to have some money of your own. As a result, most people often resort to saving in order to travel. The following are creative ways of saving to travel that you can pursue.

Sign Up For Rewards Credit Cards

Airline tickets are among the biggest expenses when traveling. Today, credit card companies offer mile rewards to customers who expend and pay off monthly fees on their credit cards. If you are disciplined enough not to go over your monthly limits, you will be able to easily accumulate enough points for free flights.

Set Up a Dedicated Savings Account

Opening a savings account solely for the purpose of traveling is also a creative way of saving for trips. Opening up the account is often free but, you should check if there are minimum balance penalties. After opening the account, set up automatic transfers so the bank can divert the specific amount you need to save at the start of every month.

Keep a Change Jar

This might sound like a joke to some but, keeping a change jar can help you save quite a lot of money for many trips to come. A change jar is like a piggy bank where you throw in the spare coins from the store. Even in just one year, you will be surprised at how much you are able to save.

Saving money for travel is a challenge that many people are often faced with. However, the tips above with a little sacrifice and determination can easily help you set aside enough money to travel the world.

Characteristics of the Best Travel Insurance

Today, there are many insurance companies offering a wide range of travel insurance policies. As a result, choosing the right one that will truly meet your needs can sometimes be a bit hectic. If you have decided to get travel insurance, it is important that you know how choose a package that can deliver the best money value. Below are characteristics of the best travel insurance that you should look out for when shopping.

Insurance Is Easy To Claim

When purchasing travel insurance, most people only look at the costs and neglect the important details. For convenience, you need a travel insurance that you can claim and get compensation for in the event of loss without too many hurdles. Besides, you should be sure the travel insurance company can actually pay if you make a claim. As around about a few travel insurance companies that have a reputation of excellent customer service.

Affordable Premiums

To be eligible for compensations in the event of a loss, all your premiums must be up to date. Therefore, it is important to make sure you buy travel insurance that you can service without any difficulties. The premium should be an amount that you are able to afford with the budget that you have. If the premiums are out of your reach, there will be higher chances of default, leaving you with huge losses.

Detailed, Clear and Understandable Policy

The policies of travel insurance vary from one product to another. Besides, most insurance companies use complex phrases in their policies that can easily create confusion. Instead of assuming, ask for clarifications from the provider so you understand properly what is entailed in the policy. If you go ahead to get the travel insurance without understanding the policy, you are likely to have problems in the future especially when making claims.

Generally, there are many things that you will need to consider when choosing travel insurance policy. However, the ones discussed above are the basic aspects that determine an ideal travel insurance package to acquire.


Renewing Your Vows In Hamilton Island

Your anniversary is coming up soon, and you are thinking of a memorable way to celebrate it.

You and your spouse decide to renew your vows to each other after so many years together, and the place that you are headed to do this is in Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Island is in beautiful Australia.

It is an island that is full of family activities, and so you can bring all your family members with you, not only to witness your vow renewal but to explore the island as well. Some of the things that you can do when on the island include,

Play Golf

Hamilton Island boasts of having an 18-hole golf course. Here you can teach your children how to play this sport. You can have fun contests between you and your family members and see who ends up being the golf champion. You will enjoy the scenery with each step you take on the golf course.


It will be an experience of a lifetime to be able to dive in the clear blue waters and swim with the marine animals in their natural habitat. Turtles are known to live in Catseye Beach, which is near Hamilton Island hence chances of you seeing, and swimming with is very high.


Sailing in Hamilton Island is one of the most relaxing activities that you and your family can indulge.

You could organize and renew your vows as you sail through the calm waters and enjoy the cool breeze and magnificent view of the seas. They use vessels known as catamarans that are fully equipped to make the sail as enjoyable as can be. You can have a drink and even some snacks if you want. When going out sailing, it is advisable to bring along some warm clothing that you can wear in case it becomes too cold.

Helicopter rides

It is a must do when you visit Hamilton Island, the ten-minute ride offers some of the most beautiful scenery ever. From that high point, you can see the Island in all the angles. Since the helicopter doesn’t have room to fit the whole family, you could take that ride with your spouse, and that view will make you fall in love over and over again.

Remember to bring your camera or video recorder along so that you can capture those sights forever and also get to share them with your family members. Carrying Sunglasses with you would also be ideal.


Renewing your vows on its own is a beautiful thing, visiting the Hamilton Islands is a lovely experience but joining the two is an incredible experience. Make a plan to have that experience, and it will forever be in your minds.