Why People Fall Sick After Traveling

Some people fall sick whenever they get home from a trip. If you’re such a person, you might wonder why you fall ill after traveling. Naturally, traveling put your body through significant stress and health risk. Boring routines and scorching heat without rain respite prompt some people to go on a de-stressing vacation. Planning a trip makes some people feel recharged and ready to explore the world. Unfortunately, some people step up, enjoy a good time away from home but come back home with vacation sickness.

Common Vacation Illnesses

Some people experience more than vacation blues after traveling. In some cases, a person can experience a cold, stomach bug, headache, or fever. Unfortunately, vacation sickness might not disappear, regardless of the home remedies, you try. Nevertheless, vacation sickness affects many people, and it’s relatively common. Although you might feel ready to return to your everyday life, your body might be unprepared. So, why do people fall sick after traveling?

Causes of Sickness after Traveling

When traveling, you can come into contact with viruses and bacteria. Your body may not have an experience with these disease-causing organisms back at home. Ideally, you touch surfaces with different viruses and bacteria. You also interact with people who might also have infectious illnesses. This exposure to disease-causing organisms can take a toll on you.

In some cases, travelers fall sick before landing to visit a doctor. Thus, some people call this phenomenon “leisure sickness.” How a person travels can also be the reason for getting sick. Traveling by flight, for instance, increases the risk of falling ill. That’s because breathing low-humidity air in the airplane affects the throat and nasal passageways negatively.

Final Thoughts

Vacation sickness is common and affects many people globally. Since you may not avoid interacting with people when traveling, boosting your immune system is best to prevent falling sick after traveling. Therefore, indulge in yoga, light exercises, and breathing techniques. Also, eat healthy foods and drink sufficient water to avoid vacation sickness.