Renewing Your Vows In Hamilton Island

Your anniversary is coming up soon, and you are thinking of a memorable way to celebrate it.

You and your spouse decide to renew your vows to each other after so many years together, and the place that you are headed to do this is in Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Island is in beautiful Australia.

It is an island that is full of family activities, and so you can bring all your family members with you, not only to witness your vow renewal but to explore the island as well. Some of the things that you can do when on the island include,

Play Golf

Hamilton Island boasts of having an 18-hole golf course. Here you can teach your children how to play this sport. You can have fun contests between you and your family members and see who ends up being the golf champion. You will enjoy the scenery with each step you take on the golf course.


It will be an experience of a lifetime to be able to dive in the clear blue waters and swim with the marine animals in their natural habitat. Turtles are known to live in Catseye Beach, which is near Hamilton Island hence chances of you seeing, and swimming with is very high.


Sailing in Hamilton Island is one of the most relaxing activities that you and your family can indulge.

You could organize and renew your vows as you sail through the calm waters and enjoy the cool breeze and magnificent view of the seas. They use vessels known as catamarans that are fully equipped to make the sail as enjoyable as can be. You can have a drink and even some snacks if you want. When going out sailing, it is advisable to bring along some warm clothing that you can wear in case it becomes too cold.

Helicopter rides

It is a must do when you visit Hamilton Island, the ten-minute ride offers some of the most beautiful scenery ever. From that high point, you can see the Island in all the angles. Since the helicopter doesn’t have room to fit the whole family, you could take that ride with your spouse, and that view will make you fall in love over and over again.

Remember to bring your camera or video recorder along so that you can capture those sights forever and also get to share them with your family members. Carrying Sunglasses with you would also be ideal.


Renewing your vows on its own is a beautiful thing, visiting the Hamilton Islands is a lovely experience but joining the two is an incredible experience. Make a plan to have that experience, and it will forever be in your minds.